Statement of the Movement of Democrats Socialists regarding Corriere de la Sera article

Corriere de la Sera, today, quoting parts of a new book by Falciani, published absolutely false allegations, linking the name of Ms. Margarita Papandreou with the Falciani/Lagarde List of Greek nationals holding deposits abroad.

Mr. Falciani makes an outrageous defamatory conjecture that the Prime Minister of Greece was blackmailed by Sarkozy to enter a loan agreement in order to protect his mother who was purportedly on the the Falciani/Lagarde list, possessed an enormous account worth 500 million euros in HSBC Geneva.

This conspiracy theory is nothing short of absurd.

First, it relies on the false allegation that Margarita Papandreou is on the Falciani/Lagarde list. She is not! The list has been published for all to see. Worse, Mr. Falciani has the original list and knows better. Thus he is lying. Furthermore, this defamatory allegation, which was begun by a small right wing blog in Greece, has already been disproved by the Greek tax authorities, in response to an earlier suit by Margarita Papandreou. The Greek Tax Authorities and in particular the Financial Crimes Unit (SDOE) published officially a report to Ms. Margarita Papandreou, where it is stated in no uncertain terms, that she is not and never was on the Falciani/Lagarde list nor on any other similar depositors list. This letter has been circulated in many Greek newspapers in order to clear her name of any wrongdoing.

In addition, the author of the book Mr. Falciani – added another ugly false claim, that Sarkozy, then the President of the Republic of France, blackmailed the Greek PM in order to force Greece into the EFSF mechanism! This is an unfounded conspiratorial lie. It also neglects the fact that Greece needed to have access to the ESFS mechanism because of difficulty to access the bond markets (as so did Portugal and Ireland) in 2010. Obviously this has nothing to do with the Lagarde List, which Greece, under the PASOK government, demanded in 2011 in order to fight tax evasion.

It is obvious that certain forces continue to disseminate inaccurate information, prevaricating established facts and doing harm to those who have been unduly targeted. Such injustices must be brought to court. A lawsuit will be filed. Legal action will follow.